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As a thriving medical practice in Connecticut, uncollected bills may be affecting your bottom line, leading to an uneasy feeling of financial instability. This is where medical collection agencies come into play. They specialize in healthcare debt recovery services, working on behalf of healthcare providers to collect unpaid medical bills. From hospitals to small clinics, these agencies work tirelessly to recover lost revenue while you focus on providing quality patient care.

The Role of Medical Collection Agencies

Medical collection agencies are a vital part of the healthcare sector, providing a solution to one of the most significant challenges that healthcare providers face – unpaid bills. These agencies focus on healthcare debt recovery, liberating healthcare providers from the burden of managing debts, enabling them to concentrate on their primary duty of caring for patients. These organizations use professional tactics to collect unpaid debts while adhering to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Let’s delve into some more specifics about the functions of these agencies.

  1. Contacting Patients to Discuss Unpaid Medical Bills A medical collection agency begins its work by contacting patients to discuss their unpaid medical bills. This communication is typically initiated through a series of letters, phone calls, or emails. They aim to inform the patient about the outstanding debt, the necessity for payment, and the consequences of non-payment. The best medical collection agencies in Connecticut make it a priority to handle these conversations with empathy and professionalism. They understand the sensitivity of the matter and seek to establish a dialogue with the patient to find a resolution.
  2. Arranging Payment Plans Recognizing that immediate full payment might not be feasible for some patients, medical collection agencies often provide options for payment plans. They work closely with the patients to understand their financial situation and devise a plan that allows for the gradual payment of the debt. These plans help patients manage their debts without experiencing financial hardship while ensuring healthcare providers receive the revenue they are due.
  3. Handling Disputes Over Charges It’s not uncommon for patients to dispute charges on their medical bills. When this happens, medical collection agencies act as mediators between the patient and the healthcare provider. They review the charges in question, work with the healthcare provider to verify the accuracy of the billing and communicate the findings with the patient. By doing so, they resolve misunderstandings and ensure that only valid charges remain on the bill.
  4. Reporting Unpaid Debts to Credit Bureaus If a patient continuously fails to pay their medical bills despite multiple attempts to establish a payment plan or resolve any disputes, the collection agency may report the unpaid debt to the credit bureaus. This process impacts the patient’s credit score, making it more difficult for them to obtain loans, mortgages, or other forms of credit in the future. However, reporting to credit bureaus is not a step taken lightly and is typically the last resort after exhaustive efforts to recover the debt have failed.
  5. Legal Action, if Necessary In extreme cases, when all other attempts at collecting the debt have been exhausted, a medical collection agency may initiate legal proceedings. The decision to pursue legal action is made on a case-by-case basis and only occurs if the agency believes it is the only way to recover the debt. The goal is always to find a resolution that is beneficial for both parties involved. Taking legal action not only involves more time and resources but can also negatively impact the relationship between the healthcare provider and the patient.
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In addition to these roles, medical collection agencies also help healthcare providers streamline their billing processes. They often provide guidance on best practices for billing and collecting payments, helping to reduce the number of unpaid bills in the future. This advice can include implementing clearer billing statements, offering multiple payment options, and educating patients about their payment responsibilities.

Finally, it’s important to remember that while the goal of a medical collection agency is to recover unpaid debts, the best ones strive to maintain a balance between debt collection and empathy. They understand that patients often face financial hardships and that unpaid medical bills are typically the result of unforeseen circumstances like illness or job loss. Therefore, they approach each case with understanding and patience, working towards a solution that respects the patient’s dignity while also meeting the healthcare provider’s need for revenue recovery.

Therefore, when selecting a medical collection agency, consider not only their success rate in debt recovery but also their approach towards patients. It’s crucial to choose an agency that respects your patients’ circumstances and upholds the reputation of your practice.

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How to Choose the Right Medical Collection Agency

Finding the right medical collection agency that aligns with your needs is critical. Not every agency might be a good fit for your practice. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a medical debt collection company.


An agency’s reputation speaks volumes about its effectiveness. Check for client testimonials, reviews, and the agency’s success rate. You may also want to research if they have faced any legal issues in the past.


A seasoned agency with a track record of successfully handling medical debt collections is typically a safer bet. They have proven systems in place and understand the nuances of medical billing and collections.


While it’s tempting to opt for the agency offering the lowest fees, it’s crucial to understand their pricing structure. Some agencies work on a contingency basis, while others might charge a flat fee or a percentage of the debt collected.

Finding a Medical Debt Collection Company

Deciding to hire a medical debt collection agency is only the first step. The next is to find the right one for your practice. This can be a daunting task considering the number of agencies out there. However, with a bit of guidance, you can easily locate the best medical collection agency in Connecticut that meets your specific needs. Here are some strategies you can employ in your search.

Online Search

The internet has made finding services incredibly easy and medical collection agencies are no exception. A simple online search using keywords such as “Connecticut medical collection agency” or “medical collection agency near me” will generate a list of potential agencies in and around your area. While this method is fast and easy, remember to critically assess the agencies that pop up in the search results. Look at their websites, read client testimonials, and review their offerings to ensure they align with your needs.

Industry Recommendations

Leveraging the experiences of your peers in the healthcare industry can be invaluable in your search. Reach out to other healthcare providers within your network and ask for their recommendations. Which agencies have they used and found effective? Are there any they would suggest you avoid? Their experiences and insights can provide a real-world gauge of the performance and reliability of certain agencies. This can help you identify the best medical collection agencies that have been tried and tested in the field.

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Medical Associations

Professional medical associations are another excellent resource in your search. These organizations often maintain a list of preferred vendors that include collection agencies. Reach out to associations like the Connecticut State Medical Society or the American Medical Association for their recommendations. They often have stringent criteria for inclusion in their list, so agencies recommended by them are typically reputable and reliable.

Consultation with Agencies

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential agencies, set up consultations with each of them. This allows you to ask detailed questions about their services, recovery rates, and approach to debt collection. You can also discuss your specific needs and concerns to gauge if they can provide the solutions you’re seeking.

Evaluating Agencies

After consultations, take the time to evaluate each agency. Consider their recovery rates, reputation, and customer service. Also, check if they adhere to the laws governing medical debt collection, like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Lastly, consider their fee structure. Some agencies charge a flat fee, while others work on a contingency basis, meaning they take a percentage of the debts they recover. Choose the structure that works best for your financial situation.

Ultimately, finding the right medical collection agency involves diligent research and thorough evaluation. Remember, the goal isn’t just to recover unpaid debts but also to maintain a positive relationship with your patients. Hence, it’s crucial to choose an agency that approaches debt collection with empathy and professionalism, thereby preserving your reputation and patient relationships while also improving your practice’s financial health.

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Best Medical Collection Agencies in Connecticut

Northeastern Credit Services Inc.

117 Hartford Tpke, Tolland, CT 06084

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Medical Collection Center Inc.

288 Highland Ave, Cheshire, CT 06410

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Credit Center Inc.

7 Finance Dr, Danbury, CT 06810

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Collection Recovery Agency

2320 Main St, Bridgeport, CT 06606

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McKenzie Becker & Stevens Inc.

8 Holley St, Lakeville, CT 06039

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Contemporary Collections

919 Stratford Ave, Stratford, CT 06615

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Unpaid medical bills don’t have to drain your practice’s resources. By choosing the right medical collection agency, you can recover your lost revenue and focus more on what you do best – caring for your patients. With this guide, we hope we’ve made the process of finding and selecting a medical debt collection agency in Connecticut a little easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does a medical collection agency do?
    A medical collection agency recovers unpaid medical bills on behalf of healthcare providers. They handle the entire collection process, from contacting patients to arranging payment plans.
  2. How do I find a good medical collection agency in Connecticut?
    You can conduct an online search, ask for industry recommendations, or contact professional medical associations to find a reliable medical collection agency in Connecticut.
  3. How do I choose the right medical collection agency for my practice?
    Consider factors such as the agency’s reputation, experience, success rate, and pricing structure when choosing a medical collection agency.
  4. What happens if a patient refuses to pay their medical bills?
    If a patient refuses to pay their medical bills, the collection agency may report the debt to credit bureaus, which can impact the patient’s credit score. In extreme cases, legal action might be taken.
  5. Does hiring a medical collection agency cost a lot?
    The cost of hiring a medical collection agency varies depending on their pricing structure. Some agencies work on a contingency basis, meaning they take a percentage of the debt collected, while others might charge a flat fee.

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