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Amcol Systems Inc Reviews | Pro, Cons, and Alternatives

In our latest review of Amcol Systems Inc Reviews we share the pros, cons, and alternatives to other debt collection agencies.

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Amcol Systems Inc
111 Lancewood Rd, Columbia, SC 29210

Amcol Systems Inc is a collection agency that has been operational since 1976, focusing on the healthcare industry. They specialize in patient experience analytics, revenue cycle optimization, and provide services like accounts receivable management, self-pay collection, bad debt recovery, and insurance claims resolution. Their approach emphasizes compliance, quality, and a patient-centered financial solution, aiming for a positive impact on both their partners and their communities​​.


  • Experience and Specialization: With decades of experience, Amcol Systems has a deep understanding of the healthcare industry’s revenue cycle and collections processes.
  • Patient-Centered Approach: They prioritize the patient experience in their collections process, aiming to maintain a positive relationship between healthcare providers and their patients​​.
  • Compliance and Quality: Their commitment to compliance and quality assurance processes reflects a reliable service for their clients​​.


  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer reviews and complaints present a significant area of concern. They have a low rating on BBB (D-) and are not BBB accredited. The company has faced numerous complaints regarding billing and collection issues, with some customers expressing difficulty in obtaining necessary information for debt validation​​.
  • Public Perception: The negative reviews across various platforms, including a 1.3-star rating with 150 reviews on Birdeye, indicate challenges with customer satisfaction and public perception. Many reviews highlight issues with communication and the handling of accounts​​.

Company Overview:

Amcol Systems Inc., based in Columbia, SC, has been a part of the collections industry for over 39 years, offering a range of services tailored to the healthcare sector. They employ around 200 people and operate with a mission to deliver tailored, patient-centered financial solutions. Their business model focuses on enhancing the patient experience throughout the collection process, underscoring the importance of maintaining respectful and constructive patient interactions even in debt collection

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In summary, while Amcol Systems Inc. brings a wealth of experience and a specialized focus on the healthcare industry, potential clients and patients should weigh the pros and cons carefully. The emphasis on compliance, quality, and patient experience speaks to their commitment to ethical practices. However, the customer feedback and BBB rating suggest there may be areas for improvement in communication and customer service.

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